Tuesday, January 09, 2007


After months of online book searches, the production of teeny-tiny, little mock-ups, a few incidents requiring a band-aid or two, several trips (80 miles each) to Kalamazoo Color Lab and many sleepless nights, my new work is complete. In fact, we leave for NY tomorrow morning for the opening at Foley Gallery Thursday night. If you find yourself in the Chelsea area, stop by, see the work, say "Hello" and pick up a signed copy of the exhibition catalog. Did I mention that my parents will be there? They've never been to NY and I think the thought of going has them a bit nervous. Why? Well for starters, my mom asked if I ever considered leaving Miren home with them while El and I went alone. I'll let you guess the answer. Hell, I was even offered cash to seal the deal. Oh, but don't worry. They're still going!

This trip is important for another reason: on Thursday, I meet with the people at Aperture (conveniently located one floor below Foley Gallery) to look at samples of my book (coming out this fall) and to sign my contract!

On Friday, I give a talk at the School of Visual Arts. Afterwards, I think a trip to Time's Square (for my parents) is in order since we have to be at the airport bright-and-early Saturday morning. Yes, it's going to be a short trip, but a fun one nonetheless. I can't say that the same will be true for our neurotic dog. Penny will, undoubtedly, suffer through every minute of our absence. What she doesn't realize is that at her granny's house in Michigan City (where she is unknowingly staying), she will be spoiled rotten. In fact, I bet ham is in her future!

Finally, this image (STRANGER, 2006) was supposed to be in the show, but at some point, I lost my mind and failed to have it printed.

Sometimes, I scare myself more than others.

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Anonymous Tim said...

I am on vacation, it's sunny and warm but I find myself glued to your blog. My girlfriend is mad at me. Not cool Tom, not cool.

p.s. You are crazy. "Stranger"!

10:54 AM  

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