Sunday, January 21, 2007


"Have you ever read any of the books?"

This question comes up a lot, whether it's during a public lecture or at an opening reception. My answer has always been a disappointing, "No.

Wanting to be more of a "Yes Man", I decided it was high time for me to become more familiar with my working materials. FLEE THE NIGHT was my first choice since I'd been curious to find out what would stimulate a scantilly-clad dame to stand up in a rowboat (in heels no less) and assume the "Broadway Showtune" position.

[Note: Most pulp covers were painted to "stimulate" other things and, oftentimes, had nothing to do with the content of the book.]

One evening, while waiting for Chinese carry-out, I came across this unforgettable passage:

"As she spoke she moved close until her lips were hardly an inch from mine, and her eyes were full of unspoken invitation. She was a walking mantrap if ever I saw one, but I didn't care."

When was the last time you read a book that made your upper lip sweat?


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