Friday, January 26, 2007


In my last post, I spoke of finding evidence confirming my familial lineage. That was just a small fragment. As my mom and I continued to survey and excavate the site, something else emerged from the strata. An initial examination of its attributes revealed silver particles suspended in a gelatin medium adhering to a polyethylene substrate.

In layman terms: a negative.

A digital scan of the item unearthed two more relics–my grandparents.

I've looked at, touched and even possess many photographs of Ellis and Bonnie Sandlin (including one where grandpa is holding me up for the camera-3 days after I was born). However, I never saw pictures of them this young.

Sadly, at some point, moisture damaged the emulsion and caused it to run and take the shape of the very thing that nearly ruined it - water. Lucky for me, the people I remember the most weathered the storm and managed to stay afloat atop the tempest of time.


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